Why QWALL is the perfect travel item for you.

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The QWALL Bluetooth tracker is the ideal travel companion. Attached to your luggage, your passport holder, or your keys, it’s the perfect way to keep track of things.


QWALL on luggage


It happens all over the world, your luggage goes by and you don’t notice it. There are so many bags on the luggage carousel at the airport that it’s impossible to find your own bags.


With a QWALL, you can simply open the our app on your phone and the QWALL S1 will notify your luggage has arrived so you don’t have to stress weather your luggage arrived or not. You no longer have to t


Importantly, the QWALL is built to be tough. It can handle the abuse that baggage handlers around the world do to luggage. The tough plastic casing surrounds a stable chip that is designed to get knocked around. 


So there you are at the airport in New York, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, or Sydney and your luggage is calling for you. 


Bluetooth technology and cell phone service


Another important feature of the QWALL is that the Bluetooth technology it operates on is not dependent on cellular telephone service. Even if you go to a country where your phone won’t work to make calls, it will still communicate with your QWALL. 


Up to 100 feet/30 metres


The QWALL’s Bluetooth technology works up to 100 feet or 30 metres. That means that you can signal your luggage from the other side of the room. Whether you’re in the airport or looking for your bag in a storage room at the hotel, you can use your smartphone to activate your QWALL and find your bags.


Safe from snatchers


Purse snatchers are everywhere. If you keep your phone in your pocket and a QWALL on your purse, you can activate the device and set off the alarm. Imagine the surprise on a thief face when the purse starts yelling at them and calling attention to itself. 


It can work the other way around as well. If someone steals your phone, you can use the QWALL to make the phone ring. You don’t have to wait until you get to another phone to track your smartphone. With a push of a button, you can set off the phone and startle the thief. 


Tracking your hotel key


Using a QWALL attached to your hotel room key, you can find it no matter what happens. We’re all used to keeping track of smartphones. Many of us are never more than a few feet from it. But a hotel can be a pain to keep track of. 


Attach the QWALL to your hotel key, push a button on your phone, and bam! the hotel key will identify itself.


Keeping track of the kids


It might seem a bit odd, but you can use your QWALL to keep track of the children while you travel. Attach a QWALL to your child’s belt loop or jacket zipper and when they get out of your sight, you can set off an alarm that will tell you where they are.


This can be especially important for special needs children and adults who sometimes don’t make decisions that are in their best interest or get distracted by things around them. The QWALL lets you set off the alarm when they’re out of sight. 


They can contact you as well. Teach a child to push the button if they get scared and then they can walk to the sound of your phone. That will signal you that they need your help. 


Travel is safer with a QWALL


Less likely to lose your keys, your luggage, or your children on a trip, the QWALL’s Bluetooth technology can make travel safer and less stressful!

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