QWALL helps you find your phone and keys

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“Oh, come on! Not again. Where are my keys?”

“I’m gonna be late! Where’s my purse?”

“Ok. Got the keys. Now where’s my phone?”


We all do it. Sometimes we blame old age, even when we’re in our twenties, but we usually misplace items because we’re busy. We move from thing to thing so fast, we forget to put things away where they belong. We just drop things and then have to go back and find them.


Bluetooth locators are perfect for helping you save time and find what you need quickly. 


The QWALL S1 is a state-of-the-art solution to finding and keeping track of anything you attach it to.


How a Bluetooth tracker works


Bluetooth is a close range communication system. It’s already in your smartphone, your laptop, your tablets, and more. It’s used to allow devices to talk to each other at close range.


With QWALL, your smartphone uses an app to communicate with the QWALL device. Designed to be small and simple to use, you can attach a QWALL to everything from luggage to purses to keys and more. 


Then, all you need to do is grab your smartphone and push the button. The device will sound off and the light will flash letting you know where whatever you’re looking for is. 

How a Bluetooth tracker can save you time


It can cost your hours of your life trying to find your keys or your purse. 


With a Bluetooth tracker on your items, you can save a great deal of time. You can even attach a QWALL to your child’s favorite toy. Imagine not having to look for little Sally’s favorite lamby stuffed animal every time she lets go of it in the car, hides it in the house, or drops it in the yard. With the push of a button, Lamby will let you know where she is and little Sally can stop crying.


Most importantly, you can find your phone if you can find Lamby or your purse or whatever the QWALL is attached to. The QWALL has a button on the front that will make your phone ring and let you know where it is. 


Long-lasting Bluetooth tracking


Unlike some other trackers, the QWALL has a replaceable battery. The small coin-sized battery is easy to replace in seconds and the batteries are easy to find almost anywhere. 


Each battery will last about a year, no matter how often you use it. The QWALL is 100% reliable!


Keeping Track is Easy


The QWALL is the answer to, “Where is my…?” Attach the QWALL to whatever you want and you’re ready to track your items. No problem.


Technology is the answer to many of life’s little hassles. Finding things is one of the biggest and the Bluetooth tracker is a simple reliable answer.


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