Octopus Tripod – Smart Kit


Photography Kit

1 QWALL S1 Devices

1 QWALL Octopus Tripod


$79.99 Value


The ultimate QWALL Bundle


What is included

1  QWALL s1 Smart Finder

Download the app for ios or android. Attach the S1 using the key ring to your keys, wallet or luggage. Using the app ring, locate and secure your belongings.

  • Make your belongings ring until you find them.
  • Find your phone by tapping the button on the device.
  • Get sound and text notification whenever something is left behind.
  • Take a selfie or group photo from up to 30m away.

1  Octopus Flexible Tripod

Perfect for long distance selfies and unique angles.

Get ready to take pictures from up to 30 meters away by just clicking a button.

The Octopus tripod practically attaches to anything enable you to take unique pictures.

No more long selfie sticks. With QWALL it’s all wireless.

Attach the octopus tripod to a pole or place it on top of a surface. Open the camera feature in the QWALL app and simple stand back and just click the button to take a picture.


Weight 8.5 g
Dimensions 37 × 37 × 5.8 mm
Quantity discount

Pack of 1, Pack of 2, Pack of 4, Pack of 8


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