Our Story

QWALL was born as an idea in 2017 as we were travelling around the world. Moving constantly between different airbnb apartments. Living out of our suitcases we constantly had to make sure we never left something behind. This constant worry led us to develop QWALL. A smart product with an app that makes sure you can find and locate your belongings anytime. 

Our Mission

We want to put the age old problem of misplacing your belongings a thing of the past. By utilising technology we strive to provide the ultimate solutions to the daily problem of losing your belongings. 

Our Vision

We see a world where you can keep track of everything you own. Never losing anything and knowing exactly where your belongings are at anytime. We are a part of a global movement of smart IoT companies that want to make people’s life’s better with technological solutions.


The QWALL S1 Smart Finder and QWALL app provide you the ability to ring, locate and secure your belongings. Making things easy and hard to lose.


We develop our own software and hardware products tailor made to enable you to easily find your valuables.

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