How to use QWALL to find your things

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Do you often lose your keys, wallet or phone?

We have the perfect solution for you!


 QWALL provides a smartphone app via Google Play or Apple’s App Store along with the QWALL S1 Smart finder. The App helps find and secure your belongings.


How to make it work

When you get your QWALL S1, download the app to your phone. Turn on the QWALL S1 by holding the button down for 5-10 seconds. A blue light will turn on.


Next follow the on screen instruction on the app. Sign up and scan for devices. Add your device and register it.

Now that it’s linked, you can ring, locate and secure your items using the app.


Item Locator


Find your belongings using the app. Simply ring your items from the phone using the app. The device will ring and you can find your keys, bags etc.


Phone Finder


If you misplace your phone you can use the S1 by pressing the button to make it ring and be found. You can activate it from up to 30m/100ft away.


Map Location


The app will show you the location of your device on a map. It will either show you its current location or the last known location. Use the map to navigate to that location and find your item.


Distance Notification


Activate the function on your phone and you’ll be notified if you leave something behind. For example, if you tend to leave your purse behind, you can set an alarm that will tell you when you’ve gotten too far away.


Two way alarm

If you leave your phone behind the device will alert you by ringing that you left you phone behind.


Camera Remote


The QWALL device can help you take great photos. Push the button and your phone will take a picture. You can use the remote from as far as 30m/100 ft away. Snap a picture with ease!


The Internet of Things (IoT)


In the future, everything in your life will be connected to the internet and each other. Using Bluetooth and WiFi, everything around you, from your refrigerator to your TV to your phone, will all talk to each other. 


QWALL is part of this movement. It allows you to take things that aren’t inherently “smart” and lets you communicate with them more easily. You’re able to find them, use them to find your phone, and even take a photo with the device. It’s all about moving the world forward and using technology to make our lives better and easier!


Increased Safety


With the QWALL, you can keep your possessions and even the ones you love safe. The key to QWALL is that you can move it quickly and easily from item to item and onto a child’s backpack or belt loop.


QWALL is the Key 


The QWALL device and app is the perfect way to keep track of your items, any item that you attach your QWALL to

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