Download the QWALL app for IOS and Android. Tap to scan for devices and connect the QWALL S1 to your phone. Assign it to a specific item like a key and start finding with ease.

Ring Your Things

Ring your belongings directly from the app and find them quickly and easily. There is no need to waste your precious time when you now can find using your phone.

Find Your Phone

We all forget where we left our phone sometime. Having the QWALL S1 helps you locate your phone by taping the button to make your phone ring from up to 30m away.

View Map Location

View the location of your item by tapping on the address in the item list. View the current or last known location of your item. If an item is lost navigate to the last location.

Get Notified

Receive notifications whenever anything is left behind. Both sound and text notification can be activated to insure nothing is left behind.

Camera Remote

Want to take cool selfies and group photos? Tap the camera icon on the app and simply hold or place the phone up to 30m/100ft away. Press the button to snap a picture.

Keep Track Of Your Luggage

Attach QWALL to your Luggage and never lose track of your bags again.