The QWALL S1 uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology (BLE) to connect the device to your phone.

Simply press and hold down the button on your QWALL device for 5-10 seconds until the blue LED light turns on. Keep it pressed for 5 seconds, after which, the LED light will turn off and you will be ready to go

By repeating the exact process used to turn it on.

First, you must turn on your device within close proximity to your phone. You will need to ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. You then open your QWALL app and tap the “+” button. Select “let’s start” followed by “yes” to connect to Bluetooth. Your device will then connect automatically.

Once you have connected to the app, you can proceed to name your device, add an image of your item or select from predefined categories.

For additional devices, follow the same steps as outlined above.

Open the “listing” section in the app, select the item you would like to remove and click to “delete.”

From the “listing” section in the app, select the item you want to ring and tap the “bell” symbol to ring it.

Your device packs 90db of sound into it which travels quite the distance.

Tap the button on your QWALL device to ring your phone immediately.

In the “listing” section, select the item you would like to view to see

the last five recorded locations displayed on the map underneath.

The range of the S1 in open space is 30m or 100ft.

When your device goes out of range, a notification is immediately sent to your phone activating the alarm.

Disconnection ring – The S1 device will ring 8 times when you leave your phone behind.

Disconnection notification – Your phone will receive text and sound notification when specific items are left behind.

Reconnection notification – When you come within proximity of your item the S1 will notify your phone the item has been reconnected to your phone.

All setting have a off and on option.

If your phone falls out of range, your device will beep immediately to notify you. Then simply tap your device to ring your phone.

The measurement for the S1 is 37mm x 37mm x 5.8mm.

Depending on usage, anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

Yes. The battery can be easily replaced by removing the back piece of the device and inputting the new battery.

IOS – Version 7.0 and above.

Android – Version 4.3 and above.

Open the camera icon in the app and tap the button on your device to snap a selfie.