The best way to find your belongings


Ring items

Quickly locate items by making them ring from the app.


Find your phone

When the button is pressed on QWALL your phone will ring to be found. Event when set to silent mode.


Map location

View your item live gps on the map and if left behind you can see the last know location and navigate to it.



Protects both your belongings and phone from loss at the same time.



Receive sound and text alerts when items are left behind.


Camera Remote

Press the device button and take a picture from up to 30m away

Attach it to anything

The QWALL S1 Smart Finder helps you find and keep track of your important belongings. Make your items smart by connecting them to QWALL.  


Long range

The Bluetooth tracker works from 30m/100ft range away.


Replacement battery

Replaceable coin cell battery CR2032 cell. Each battery lasts up to 12 months depending on usage.


Loud ring

The device has build-in ring sound creates a loud ring sound. The device will beep until it is found.


Bluetooth 4.0

Low energy device that connects to your phone via bluetooth. .

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