The QWALL S1 Smart Finder

A smart bluetooth tracker that helps you find your belongings.


Long range

The Bluetooth tracker works from 30m/100ft range away.


Replaceable battery

Replaceable coin cell battery CR2032 cell. Each battery lasts up to 12 months depending on usage.


Loud ring

The device has build-in ring sound creates a loud ring sound. The device will beep until it is found.


Bluetooth 4.0

Low energy device that connects to your phone via bluetooth. .

Easily attaches to your most important items

Quickly find what you need with our latest product 

Connect to the QWALL APP

Available for IOS and Android the QWALL app has many amazing features that will help you find your belongings


Find Your Stuff

Quickly locate items by making them ring from the app.


Your item location

Know your item's last known or current location

QWALL S1 Smart Finder

Packed with amazing features to help you find your belongings.

QWALL Sound Pro 1

Equipped with noise canceling technology. The QWALL Sound Pro 1 is the ultimate headphones for those who appreciate quality sound.

QWALL Photography Kit S1 + Tripod

Attach our new octopus tripod to anything and snap an image from up to 30m away.